Lindsay Bass

Lindsay Bass

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Lindsay Bass

Manager, Corporate Water Stewardship

World Wildlife Fund-U.S.

Lindsay is the water stewardship lead for World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-U.S., where she manages private sector partnerships to conserve water resources and freshwater ecosystems. She works with Procter & Gamble, McDonalds, Ecolab and The Coca-Cola Company on water stewardship strategy development and implementation. In her general engagement with corporate partners, she is involved in on-the-ground field work, policy advocacy, and stakeholder fora on water stewardship. A member of The Coca-Cola Company and WWF global partnership team, Lindsay manages work to help ensure healthy, resilient freshwater basins in 11 key regions.


What is your first memory of water?

I remember watching my mother and big sister floating backwards in a canoe as we paddled down the Tippecanoe River in Indiana, where I grew up. I think I was about 5 years old, and my dad and I were in another boat. We were laughing because they couldn’t get their boat pointed in the right direction. The water was always a place where my family came together, and it’s where we have enjoyed some of our happiest memories.

Did you envision a career in water?

Always. How could I not with a last name like ‘Bass?!?’ In all seriousness though, my initial plans were to focus on oceanography after graduating with my degree in marine science. I started out in coastal research diving and marine science interpretation, and then decided I wanted to be more engaged in leveraging good science in management and policy arenas. That’s when I became more involved in environmental science and management. Living in California for many years, I decided to acquaint myself with the other side of the water world and chose to focus on freshwater issues. I consider myself somewhat a ‘jack of all trades’ and I love working on fresh water because it touches everything and is so interdisciplinary.

Why is fresh water important to you?

Water is life. In its abundance, resilience and health, we (people and nature) all thrive.

Why are cross-sector partnerships critical in addressing global water challenges?

No single entity can ensure the sustainability of freshwater resources. Water is the ultimate shared resource. Therefore, in developing solutions to the challenges we face, we must work across sectors and traditional boundaries.

What impact will the Coca-Cola and WWF partnership have toward addressing global water challenges?

I love our partnership because people are willing to roll up their sleeves, stare these challenges head on and find the sweet spots where collective focus, influence and action can help move the needle. Building on the first phase of our work together, we have a unique opportunity and, I would argue, a responsibility, to inspire others to join our freshwater conservation, sustainable value chain and valuing nature platforms.