Northern Great Plains

Major Accomplishments

Valuing Nature

Work has begun to develop a study to quantify the potential impacts to the Missouri River due to conversion for cropland. Considerations of this study include ecosystem services (such as water quality and quantity, as well as carbon sequestration) and costs for mitigating impacts. Results will help inform the benefits of grasslands, develop recommendations for needed policy changes and assist policymakers in understanding the value of services lost due to conversion.

Freshwater Replenish

Because keeping the grass right side up is the best way to protect water quality and naturally regulate water quantity in the upper Missouri River Basin, the partnership is working to promote sustainable ranching and farming in the Northern Great Plains ecoregion for people and nature. A new pilot project being launched with land managers will retain and expand native prairie, improve water quality, soil heath, and wildlife habitat, increase resilience to drought, and address invasive weed problems.

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